I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active.

8 Buck Modern is still cruising along, and last night we had our biggest event ever. 19 players got four rounds in over the course of the evening with a bunch of new players, new brews, and strong play.

Doug came away the victor over Alex in a tight three game final. Standings ended up like this:

  1. Doug – 12 pts
  2. Alex – 9
  3. Greg – 9
  4. Chase – 9
  5. Drew – 9
  6. Elliot – 6
  7. Aaron – 6
  8. Eric – 6
  9. Perry – 6
  10. Lyle – 6
  11. Corben – 6
  12. Beardo – 6
  13. Sean – 6
  14. Rory – 6
  15. Alexander – 3
  16. Scott – 3
  17. Izzy – 0
  18. Sam McK – 0
  19. Sam Ma – 0

Lots of people brought new brews for the evening. Our winner brewed up a Mono Red Menace tribal sort of deck, beating Alex’s Big Gruul in the finals. Other decks spotted included Mono White Martyr, BW Tokens, Abzan Allies, Burn, Temur Gates, another iteration on Sam’s Metalwork Colossus deck, a RW Searing Meditation deck, and plenty more.

Let’s take a look at how my evening went.

I had brewed up a version of the classic BW Tokens deck. I kept the same focus on hand disruption, removal, and pumped up flying tokens. My list looked like this:

BW Tokens ($7.58)

Creatures (8)Lands (24)
4 Tidehollow Sculler4 Evolving Wilds
4 Lantern Scount4 Orzhov Basilica
4 Scoured Barrens
Spells (28)7 Plains
3 Castigate5 Swamp
4 Declaration in Stone
4 Intangible VirtueSideboard (15)
4 Zealous Persecution3 Divest
3 Drill Bit3 Duress
4 Lingering Souls3 Doom Blade
2 Retreat to Emeria3 Murder
4 Spectral Procession3 Rootborn Defenses

Round one, I get paired against Alexander, who was attending his first 8 Buck night. He was on this interesting RW deck focused around incidental lifegain (Pristine Talisman, Fountain of Renewal, Firemane Angel) triggering Searing Meditation. Game one, I drew a lot of hand disruption, managed to dodge his threats and won with giant attacking Spirits. Game two saw none of that, and the Meditations killed me. Game three took us back to game one, and the Spirits won the match. 1-0

Round two, I faced eventual winner Doug and his Red Menace deck. Think Bomat Courier, Village Messenger, Abbot of Keral Keep, Ash Zealot, etc. Our first game was tight, but I was never quite able to trigger the lifegain I needed to keep up. Game two, I got mana screwed, but was able to last quite a while on just two lands. Eventually, the third land came, but by then I was too far behind. 1-1

Round three, I faced Chase and his Mono White Martyr deck. Martyr of Sands, Soul Warden, Ranger of Eos, Squadron Hawk, etc. with Mikaeus for spice. Game one, I got flooded out, but occasional Zealous Persecutions did work. Game two was an epic struggle that eventually saw Chase down to four cards in his library before he was able to finish me off. Had I found just one Intangible Virtue in time I think I could have pulled that one out. 1-2

Round four was against first-timer Izzy and her Burn deck. The flow of this match was rather similar to my first round where lifegain in games one and three made the difference while game two saw me rather quickly burned out.

Things I might do differently next time? I’m probably going to remove the Drill Bits. I sided them out every time as Spectacle wasn’t easy to trigger, and I had more targeted/better answers in my sideboard. Also, I neglected artifact removal – fortunately it wasn’t an issue in my matchups, but that could have been a problem had I faced Sam, for example. Not sure what I’m putting in to replace them yet. Also, the Retreats didn’t do much last night. They performed well in practice, though, so maybe. Their primary purpose is to repeatedly trigger lifegain off the Lantern Scouts, so maybe they go in the side instead.

Some of the other people have been kind enough to provide deck lists, so I’m going to post them here with some of my thoughts on them.

Sam built a new version of his Metalwork Colossus deck. It’s not using Legacy Weapon any more, and it’s much more focused. Mishra and Colossus is a game ending combination if set up properly.

Sam's Mishra Colossus ($7.81)

Creatures (15)Lands (23)
1 Conduit of Ruin4 Aether Hub
4 Glint-Nest Crane1 Buried Ruin
4 Metalwork Colossus7 Island
2 Mishra, Artificer Prodigy3 Mountain
1 Padeem, Consul of Innovation2 Rogue's Passage
2 Thopter Engineer4 Sanctum of Ugin
1 Treasure Mage2 Swiftwater Cliffs
Artifacts (19)Sideboard (15)
3 Chromatic Sphere2 Crook of Condemnation
4 Hedron Archive1 Disenchant
4 Mind Stone1 Dispel
4 Powerstone Shard1 Doom Blade
4 Prophetic Prism2 Ghirapur Aether Grid
1 Heaven // Hell
Spells (3)2 Negate
2 Spatial Contortion4 Pyroclasm
1 Displacement Wave1 Sai, Master Thopterist

Perry’s Abzan Allies do a great job of maximizing ETB triggers and drain effects to attack you from a couple directions. He’s currently got a bunch of 2-ofs in the deck, as he’s still tuning/testing. A 2-2 finish is not bad at all for his first attempt.

Perry's Abzan Allies ($4.16)

Creatures (28)Lands (24)
2 Bloodbond Vampire4 Ally Encampment
2 Cliffhaven Vampire3 Forest
3 Drana's Emmisary8 Plains
4 Expedition Envoy4 Sandsteppe Citadel
2 Hada Freeblade5 Swamp
4 Kalastria Healer
3 Lantern ScoutSideboard (15)
3 Ondu Cleric2 Abzan Charm
2 Oran-Rief Survivalist2 Bladebrand
3 Sylvan Advocate2 Broken Bond
2 Cloudshift
Spells (8)2 Final Payment
2 Abzan Charm2 Forfend
2 Cloudshift2 Marsh Casualties
2 March from the Tomb1 Ondu Cleric
2 Sigil Blessing

Aaron’s Temur Gates deck is a riff on the current Gates deck floating around Standard right now. He did zero testing before last night, and is pretty happy with his 2-2 finish. I’m calling it Temur because the spells are only in those colors, but he does have a Maze’s End alternative wincon within.

Aaron's Temur Gates ($5.75)

Creatures (18)Lands (24)
2 Archway Angel1 Azorius Guildgate
2 Gate Colossus1 Boros Guildgate
4 Gatebreaker Ram1 Dimir Guildgate
4 Gatecreeper Vine3 Forest
3 Greenside Watcher1 Golgari Guildgate
3 Llanowar Scout2 Gruul Guildgate
1 Island
Spells (18)1 Izzet Guildgate
4 Circuitous Route2 Maze's End
2 Crackling Perimeter1 Mountain
4 Growth Spiral1 Orzhov Guildgate
3 Guild Summit2 Plaza of Harmony
4 Open the Gates1 Rakdos Guildgate
1 Urban Evolution2 Selesnya Guildgate
4 Simic Guildgate
Sideboard (15)
2 Bring to Light
4 Broken Bond
1 Dispel
2 Fumigate
1 Mistcutter Hydra
1 Negate
2 Saruli Gatekeepers
1 Tatyova, Benthic Druid
1 Ubul Sar Gatekeepers

Alex loves his big creature decks. His self-admitted favorite card is Savage Knuckleblade. No surprise that he saw success with a Big Gruul deck. Alex lost the finals in a tight three games with the following list:

Alex's Big Gruul ($8.00)

Creatures (19)Lands (23)
2 Bogardan Hellkite3 Dread Statuary
1 Caldera Hellion12 Forest
1 Genesis Hydra8 Mountain
4 Glorybringer
4 Inferno TitanSideboard (15)
4 Sylvan Advocate4 Acidic Slime
3 Viridian Emissary1 Clan Defiance
2 Cranial Archive
Spells (18)1 Evolutionary Leap
4 Adventurous Impulse2 Gaea's Revenge
2 Fight with Fire1 Mizzium Mortars
3 Harrow2 Outpost Siege
2 Incendiary Command2 Pulse of Murasa
3 Khalni Heart Expedition
4 Search for Tomorrow

I’ll be sure to post more decks as I receive them from the designers. As usual, fun was had, old friends were hugged, new friends were made, and Doug drove off with a cool piece of original art as his prize.