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In case you missed the intro, this is one of a series of posts where I talk about cards in my Modern/EDH binder. I’ll be doing these periodically as time permits. All prices/values are as of the moment I typed those numbers.

For today’s page, we get cards that primarily come from the remains of my B/W Tokens Modern deck. There are also some EDH and Modern sideboard cards here.

Hour of Reckoning

hour of reckoning

A Commander staple in partially-white token decks, the card is easier to cast than first appears due to Convoke. I toyed with the idea of putting it in the sideboard of my B/W token deck, but never quite got there. In a more controlling build, it could certainly see use in certain matchups. The problem, of course, is unless you’ve managed to give your tokens Vigilance, you lose a lot of the benefits of a one-sided boardwipe. If this was an instant, it would rock.

TCG Mid: $1.17, 109 PucaPoints

Midnight Haunting

midnight haunting

Picked this up in a shotgun buy of cheap White token producing cards. Spectral Procession is a much better card in the deck (and is only slightly more difficult to cast), and Lingering Souls is bonkers, so this never really made it into any deck. Only useful if you’re out of other cards that have a similar effect.

TCG Mid: $0.23, 25 PucaPoints

Test of Endurance

test of endurance

Cheap commander wins. Particularly useful in Oloro, Trostani, or other lifegain decks. As a result, has some value purely on EDH demand. Would have been useful in the gawd-awful SCG Miami G/W mirror match that hit 400+ life points.

TCG Mid: $5.48, 560 PucaPoints

Twilight Drover

twilight drover

I’m trying to remember when/why I got this, but it may have been one of the first Modern cards I ever bought.

When we returned to the game, I had been playing a fair bit of Magic Duels – I loved the Spirit deck in that game, and bought playsets of a number of cards from it. Never have used them, though, as I figured out how the competitive scene is structured. Some got traded/sold off, some I still have. This one might end up in my Trostani EDH deck. It gets a little absurd with Primal Vigor or Doubling Season out. (sac a token to Ashnod’s Altar for 2 colorless mana, get two +1/+1 counters, spend 1 white mana, get 4 1/1 spirits, etc.)

TCG Mid: $0.90, 91 PucaPoints

Mirran Crusader

mirran crusader

Picked this up as a sideboard addition for B/W Tokens when Abzan was all that in Modern, but it never saw play. Jund is definitely a thing, though, so I might put it into a Soul Sisters or Hatebears shell. Cards with built-in double strike sometimes underperform as they nearly all have small power/toughness numbers for their mana cost, so die to more removal solutions than other similarly-costed cards. I mean, the only advantage this has over Brimaz, for example, is it doesn’t die to Abrupt Decay. Both die to Path to Exile, and this dies to Lightning Bolt where Brimaz doesn’t. And neither kill an attacking Siege Rhino, Tasigur, or Gurmag Angler.

TCG Mid: $2.19, 216 PucaPoints

Harm’s Way

harms way

This one I picked up as U/W Merfolk “sekrit ‘board tek”. Delver deck bolting my Lord? I don’t think so. Let’s shock your Delver instead. Turns out, I didn’t like the U/W Merfolk variant very much. Still prefer the mono-Blue.

TCG Mid: $0.19, 22 PucaPoints

Kataki, War’s Wage

kataki, wars wage

Great sideboard tech versus Affinity. Useful in any deck even splashing White. Shows up in sideboards in waves, depending on how much Affinity is expected. Easier to remove than Stony Silence, but comes down sooner, and can really put the brakes on the Affinity explosive start. If Affinity keeps rising in popularity (say because Arcbound Ravager gets reprinted), then this should rise in price.

TCG Mid: $0.55, 52 PucaPoints

Lingering Souls

lingering souls

At one point, this was considered the best (or 2nd best) White card in Modern. The core of B/W Tokens, and, if the meta’s right, a primary reason to play Junk over Jund. Modern staple.

TCG Mid: $0.74, 64 PucaPoints

Spirit Mantle

spirit mantle

I ended up with an extra one of these when building Bogles. This was the deck my daughter enjoyed most, but I can’t remember if she ever played it in competition. I know I’ve been tempted to take it for a run every now and then. Protection from Creatures (along with the fact the creature this is put on is hexproof) makes this a valuable component to the deck.

TCG Mid: $1.74, 186 PucaPoints