I figure the first post on a blog is where I talk about who I am.

I’m a game player. Played board games (mostly solo, actually) and chess as a kid, and then got into Dungeons and Dragons in high school in the early 80s. This changed to video games with the Atari systems, then cribbage while in college. (Yes, we played a LOT of cribbage in college.)

After college, I got introduced to this card game called Magic: the Gathering. I played at an old game shop in Bellevue, WA called Ludicrous Games. Also did a fair amount of role-playing there. We were big into Deadlands when it first came out.

I got pretty active with Magic. Then the Pro Tour was created, and everything changed. Local tournaments got nasty, and I lost all the fun in playing. I collected a couple more sets, then gave it up. I moved on to board games, then miniatures, then hex-n-counter wargames, then back to board games, then chess. You could say I’m a bit of a dilettante.

Along the way I got married. Twice. The first one didn’t last long, but I’m still happily married to my wife of nearly 16 years. I still remember the first time she played Settlers with me and my friends. She had no idea what was going on. Now, we own well over 300 games of all sorts, and frequently play them with our kids.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the kids, have I? We have two. A daughter who’s nearly 11, and a boy of 8 and a half. They both love to play games. While they’re starting to move digital in what they like (both kids love Minecraft, and my boy loves racing games), they’re still a lot of analog gaming in the house.

Around a year ago, we were starting to prepare to move. I pulled my old boxes of cards out of the garage to see if there was anything worth selling (spoiler: there was), and my boy’s eyes lit up. He’s the kind of kid that loves reading non-fiction books of facts, or even Pathfinder Bestiaries as bedtime reading.

When he discovered these cards were actually a game, well, he was hooked. I was stunned at how quickly he picked up on things. A couple days later, my daughter walked over and asked “what are you guys doing?” and she got hooked as well. It’s been a snowball ever since.

This blog will cover all kinds of things, but will mostly center around Magic: the Gathering. There might be tournament reports, anecdotes, actual articles, or even posts about other games and activities. But the theme will primarily be our exploits with our decks.

Hopefully, you find some of my posts enjoyable, and this becomes a long-term thing. There’s no end of topics to cover, so posts will come whenever I’ve got time to write.