Welcome to a new series of articles I’m calling “Binder Blurbs.”

This is a series of articles I’ll be writing where I describe all the cards in my Modern/EDH binder. This is where I keep the cards that aren’t currently in decks, but probably will be used at some point. This generally happens when I tweak sideboards, tear down EDH decks, or just got a card or three with an idea in mind that hasn’t yet come to fruition.

As this is modern/EDH, pretty much anything is liable to appear, but don’t expect high-dollar cards in this series. Nearly all of these cards are going to be in the < $20 range, with most being under $10.

Also, as these are not currently in decks, I’m open to trades/sales, should you be so inclined as to make a reasonable offer.

Anyway, the way my binder is organized is this: one color per page, and after a page fills, I expand to the next open page for that color. This means there’s no real organization beyond that, and the number of pages per color is nearly entirely determined by the decks I’m interested in building.

For each card, I’ll provide an image, current pricing, and my thoughts on how and where I’m looking to use the card. I might provide card comparisons in some cases.

If this gets any sort of reception at all, a long-term idea is to turn these into a series of YouTube videos. Remains to be seen, of course.

Thanks for your time, and I welcome any and all comments!